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If you can't find an answer here, message a local Plug agent from our website.
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What is Plug?

Plug rewards local heroes for sharing awesome experiences - PLUGS - with businesses, groups, causes, and places they love. When a PLUG is published on social media, the hero earns a reward that they can keep or donate to a local non-profit or cause in their community.  

Plug empowers communities.
What’s a PLUG?

A Plug is an awesome endorsement for a local brand you love. 

Capture an awesome experience with a picture or video (less than 30 seconds), highlight your favorite part in a tagline (75 characters or less), and submit! 

You'll earn rewards for posting your PLUG on your social media, and gain followers who find your PLUG in your community's gallery.
Where is Plug?

Right now Plug is in greater Portsmouth, NH. We are also serving the following communities:

-Dover, NH
-Durham, NH
-Kittery, ME
-York, ME
-Rye, NH

We plan to run our beta-service in this area until through the fall of 2017, at which time we will consider expanding to other areas. If you want Plug in your area, drop us a note.
Is Plug right for me?

-Are you looking for an easy way to empower your community and make it stronger?
-Do you enjoy capturing experiences in pictures and videos?
-Do you use social media and have a local audience?
-Are you a positive person, or do you want to be more positive?

If you answered yes to these, then Plug is definitely for you. Just remember what we value here at Plug, and what you’ll get paid for (what your content should represent):
How do I start PLUGGING?

1. Start by filling out the hero sign up form.
2. Enter Plug on Messenger (our current application lives on Messenger). 
3. Use Plug on Messenger to discover PLUGS in your community and brands you can PLUG.
4. When you're ready, submit a PLUG! Positive content only!
5. Publish your PLUG and earn your reward. We'll publish it to your community's gallery page where other local heroes will discover it. 

I have a local brand in the Portsmouth area, how do I get started?

Just go to our website and register your brand. A local Plug Agent will connect with you ASAP about next steps.
What we look for in a PLUG (and a local hero).

What we value here at Plug and what we reward people for:

Community spirit: you have to be passionate about the place you call home and the people and brands that make it great. 

Respect for local brands and the people taking risks to add value to your community. It’s difficult to start something, and even more difficult to make it an integral part of people's lives. PLUGGING is a way to tip your cap to the doers, makers, and organizers in your community.

Positivity: what's that old saying? If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything... We say that around here, too. If you feel the need to criticize a local brand, give them a phone call. Or go on Yelp. 

Authenticity: only submit a PLUG when you feel it. Was it funny? Was it amazing? If so, why was it truly a unique experience? PLUGS are endorsements that highlight your personalized experiences. If you don't have a unique PLUG to share, don't submit. 

Quality: you've had a smartphone for almost a decade, time to put your skills to good use! While we won't necessarily ding you for it, shoot for well-lit, high-res photos and videos. 

Class: we can't approve content that includes swearing, sexual imagery, drug use, or other illegal/inappropriate activity.

What kind of brands are on Plug?

We work with local businesses, groups, causes, and places in Portsmouth, NH and surrounding communities. Our local categories include:

-Food and Drink
-Local Shops (retail)
-Pets and Animals
-Local Culture (art/music, events, places, etc.)
-Healthy Life

If you'd like to register a brand for Plug, just go to the brand page on our website.
Why did someone from Plug contact me about joining?

You were invited to Plug because we spotted your social media profile and think the content you create is awesome. We love your aesthetic and your community spirit, and think you'd be a great addition to Plug!
Why do I have to be verified before I can be paid for PLUGS?

We need to make sure you are who you say you are, and that you in fact have a local audience. Brands pay us for targeted exposure to local audiences, so we need to make sure you can help them reach their goals!
I can't think of what to do for a you have ideas?

Sure do! There are infinite ways you can PLUG a local brand, here are a few examples:

-trying their product or service
-wearing their gear
-attending their event
-talking about your love for them

We also make brand-specific content and social media recommendations based on feedback from brand owners and admins. You can find these on the brand cards in Messenger. 

Remember, you can use old content if you have it. But it's preferable that you use new content, now that you know how to PLUG!
So I get paid for posting a PLUG?

You can view whether or not we are offering rewards for each brand using Plug on Messenger. You'll earn up to $10 for publishing a PLUG - you can take this money donate it to a local cause of your choice. 

If a brand is oversubscribed or has a low budget, we won't be able to compensate you for publishing your PLUG. However, your PLUG will still be posted on the community and brand PLUG galleries.

If your PLUG is selected as a weekly winner in the local category, you’ll be paid a bonus.
How is my pay determined? And how much will I make?

Our goal is two-fold here at Plug; to offer an awesome service that helps local businesses, groups, and causes at a reasonable price, and to compensate local heroes for their time, compassion, and effort.

We also need to make sure that content is genuine, and that we are truly reaching real, engaged audiences. The main factor affecting your pay rate for Plugs is the size and average engagement of your audience. You will not be paid by actual engagement, but for ‘estimated engagement’. We do this because we don’t want people spamming.

There’s no spamming allowed at Plug. Genuineness of content is our number one concern. For that reason, regardless of your audience size, we generally pay $10 or less for Plugs (in most instances).

While it’s great to earn money, we don’t think people should view Plug like a job. You should only Plug when you truly love something. The reward you get is a token of gratitude from the brand you Plug - similar to a tip you might give a waitress. The real value of your Plug is in the fact that you are strengthening your community and building your personal brand in the process.

If you see ‘Plugging’ through this lense, you will have a great time.

In some instances, where new businesses are trying to get the word out, or there’s a specific situation that a local brand needs to get people talking about, we will pay more for Plugs - as much as $20 in some instances.

How does payment work?

When we return your approved PLUG, we will indicate how much you’ll earn for publishing it on your social media. 

We use PayPal to distribute funds to local heroes. 

When you agree to post a PLUG, you're agreeing to the terms and conditions and confirming that your post must meet the Plug guidelines before payment will be made. If your post meets the Plug guidelines, we'll process your payment within 7 days of approval.
How do I know who to PLUG or who needs PLUGS?

Once you're signed up and logged in to Plug on Messenger, we will notify you when local brands we think you'll love (or already do) need PLUGS!  

You can also discover businesses, groups, causes, and local places on Plug on your own using the discovery and search features in Plug Bot.